Château Maison Noble


On average, Château Maison Noble produces 130000 bottles of AOC - Controlled Appellation of Origin - wine a year :

  • • Red wines : AOC Bordeaux and Bordeaux Superieur split into 2 vintages, Traditional and Prestige
  • • Rose wine : AOC Bordeaux Clairet
  • • White wine : AOC Bordeaux Blanc

When young our offers a deep purple and shiny color, a slight “toasted” nose with fruity and vanilla aromas, the bouquet is rich and supple with silky tannins; the final taste is long-lasting and slightly spicy.

Our red wine ages particularly well : the color changes and becomes more coppery, and the taste matures also, the lushness of its youth gives place to a pleasing fullness. People do appreciate these old wines and some vintages are still on sale.

The rose wine (Clairet), has pomegranate color, they are brilliant and you can appreciate their freshness together with a fruity taste and flowery aromas. They should be drunk when still young.