Château Maison Noble
The soil, the vines and the winery...

Château Maison Noble is situated across two siliceous-clayey plateaus whose particular soil, which adapts easily to our climate, gives an elegant and fine wine and helps elaborating fairly homogeneous vintages.


On these 20 hectares we produce red wine, clairet -rose wine- and also white wine: it takes 13 hectares of Merlot and 6 of Cabernet -Sauvignon to produce the red and rose and the white comes from1 hectare of Sauvignon Blanc; we plant 4500 vines to an hectare and the vines are generally over 25 years old: when the vine-plants grow older their roots run deeper into the soil and the plants show even more the qualities of the “terroir”! This vineyard is really run according to the best tradition of Bordeaux’ fine wines: we limit the treatments to what is strictly necessary to get healthy grapes, the fundamental base to good quality wine.